At ERTC Refunds, our team of analysts assists you in determining whether or not you are eligible for a refund.

We collect your data to determine whether or not you qualify, then analyze your information and mathematically determine what your refund amount will be. It is that simple.

Here are the mandatory requirements:

  • Must have 2 or more employees (excluding owner) paid by W-2 
  • Followed COVID mandates 
  • Able to provide 941 and quarterly payroll receipts 
  • Able to provide gross revenue amounts

As long as you were impacted by COVID (See IRS website), you may qualify for a refund. You may also qualify if you were:

  • Profitable during COVID
  • Received PPP loans
  • Were a startup or nonprofit

Why ERTC Refunds

Because of the hardships many businesses experienced as a result of COVID, the U.S. government established a program (See IRS Website) to help these businesses recover. The intent was to, not only support these businesses in their recovery but also stimulate the U.S. economy.

ERTC Refunds was born out of the desire to play a role in rebuilding and supporting economic recovery by assisting as many eligible businesses as possible.

You can play your part by taking the first step to determine if you qualify for ERC funds.

Still Wondering If You Should File?

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